Thursday, June 29, 2017

2 X 4 upside the head

I found this story as I was studying on some things, and it kind of hit me on the head with a 2 X 4, as my good friend would say. It does not say who told this story, or if it is even true or not, it was just an eye opener and great reminder for me. My hope is that it will be that for someone who might read my blog.

There is this married couple with a 5 year old daughter, They are not "poor," but they are not "rich" either. Mom and dad both have to work to get the bills paid. Dad has a job that requires him to make 200 people happy with an hour commute both ways. Mom has a job that she can mostly work from home, but also is in charge of getting the 5 year old from school or taking her to Dr. Appts, etc....

So one Friday after a hard week of work the family is grocery shopping together. The 5 year old is in charge of driving the race car cart, and is having a blast doing it. She is singing and happy, but mom and dad keep telling her to quiet down and behave, as the aggravation of dealing with the crowded grocery store builds upon the busy work week, the long commutes, and running the child around. Mom and dad go from barking at the child to barking at each other as they try to get through all the people.

On the way home the barking at each other continues, but dad is also barking at all the other drivers like they all need to get out of his way. Mom is barking at dad for cussing at the other drivers, and the 5 year old is sitting in the back singing as mom and dad bark at each other, and every now and then throw in a quiet down for her. The 5 year old puts down the window in the back seat and dad barks at her to roll it up. She tries to tell her dad something, but he just tells her to quiet down and roll up the window.

When they get home it's more of the same, mom and dad barking at each other as they head into the kitchen. The 5 year old tries to follow, but dad just tells her to go to bed, so she goes to her room. When mom and dad come to tuck her in she is sitting at her window with it wide open. Dad barks at her to close the window, you will let all the heat out. She tells her mom and dad that she is listening to the angels sing, but her mom just tells her to close the window, we don't hear any angels singing. The little girl closes her window and crawls into bed, she then looks at mom and dad and says, "If you want to hear the angels, you have to listen with your heart."  BAM !!! 2 X 4 upside the head !!!

When you read your bible, you hear God's voice through your heart. When you say your prayers, they go to God through your heart. We are all filled with the Holy Spirit, the Counselor promised by Jesus. This part of God did not come to us as someone we can touch and see, but rather the Holy spirit came to live in our hearts. The Holy Spirit is already in your heart, all you have to do is ask God  for a fresh filling everyday and the Holy Spirit will prepare your heart to hear God's voice. That still, small voice inside you is the one that will help you hear God's voice, and see the opportunities that God has put into your life......

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