Friday, April 21, 2017

Let God use you

     As the sun rises in the morning, the sky turned from black, to purple, to pink, and then blue. The men in their boats were accustomed to seeing the sun rise, they were fishermen. Their job requires them to fish at night when it was cooler so they could get the fish while they were active and eating. After a long night of fishing they were cleaning their fish so they could sell them to those who would take them and sell them in the market. For some of these fishermen it was a very lucrative business, their fish was salted down and sent all the way to Rome. As they were finishing their days work so they could go home and sleep to get up and do it all again that night, a man they all know walks up to the shore and speaks just a few words to them, but those words would change the course of their lives.

     That may have been exactly what it looked like that morning on the Sea of Galilee when Jesus walked by those boats where Peter, John, Andrew, and James were working. When He called out to these four men it forever changed their lives. The public ministry of Christ was just getting started, and one of His first acts was to choose these men to assist Him in His work. He was calling ordinary men to do God's work. Even today Jesus is busy calling people. He is calling us to come to Him for salvation. He is calling us to come to Him for service. Friends, Jesus is calling. I wonder if He is calling you for something right at this very moment.

     I am not sure about you, but if I were going to start a kingdom, I would probably look for some very specific kind of people to help run it. I would probably get some very skilled politicians, and maybe some great military leaders to help me lead my kingdom. I would probably recruit some great minds so I could have the most forward thinking kingdom. Maybe talk to celebrities and cultural elites to get them to participate in my kingdom, so it would be considered the hip and in place to be. Jesus called fishermen. Not the most likely candidates to call on when starting a kingdom. But, it is not unusual for God to call these kind of people. He called David, a Sheppard. He used Shipharah and Puah, two midwives who defied Pharaoh. He used Shamgar, who was only mentioned once in scripture, to kill 600 philistines and save Israel. These were people who the world might call nobodies, but these people were nobodies of whom the world was not worthy. You see, the truth is God chooses ordinary people far more than not. Maybe that is because He has so many to choose from.

     None of the 12 disciples brought high credentials into their roles. They came from modest backgrounds with little to no distinction what so ever. They were an eclectic group of ordinary, run of the mill people. None of them were educated in Theology, or fit the mold of "Super Christian" or a "Religious Super Star." Yet, they were chosen to carry the timeless message of Jesus Christ. For Jesus to leave His ministry to these 12 men was a huge gamble. What if they couldn't do it? what if they didn't do it? Was there a backup plan?

     Twenty one centuries later, Jesus is still leaving His work to ordinary people. What are our credentials? Super Heroes? Mega stars? No, just people who find themselves on our knees, Acknowledging that we are inadequate and utterly dependent. Sound a bit overwhelming? Guess what? It's not. That's because Jesus gives us a recipe that blends in with our ordinariness. You take a big bowl, add 1 serving of our weakness, and add His strength, stir and serve. Is it good you may ask? I say not just good, but perfect.....Amen



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