Friday, January 20, 2017

Live for His Purpose

    I  have heard a couple of quotes, I can't remember where the first one came from, but it said something like this, "We do not have to think alike, to Love alike". The second one comes from one of the books from the Apprentice Series authored by James Bryan Smith. He says something like," If you claim Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then everything else is non-essential. I hope you think about this as you read on.

   Jesus Christ is my Savior, and He is also my Lord and Master. Because He died on the cross and saved me, my life is His. I now strive to live my life for him, strive to live my life like Him. So, the idea would be that where Christ wants me to go, I go, who Christ wants me to love, I love. But, I try to be in control and "drive the bus". I can't lie, I fight it all the time. But, because Jesus Christ died on the cross, my sins are forgiven.

   Jesus is God in human form, because only God can cleanse us of our sins. He is the one who looks through my eyes and into my heart and says, " I do not condemn you, I forgive you for all your sins." I believe when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, our lives become His. His Love and grace become so overwhelming, that it changes us on the inside. There is no way to remain the same when you start living for Jesus' purpose and not our own. And, living for His purpose is where true love and freedom begin.

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