Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Word Became Flesh

Jesus, God incarnate, the word became flesh, and lived among us. can you believe that? The God that created the universe, humbling Himself and being born as a little tiny baby in a manger, to live as one of us. He did it out of His great love for us, even with all of our limitations, He became one of us, He lived with us to get our attention, to reach out to us and show us how great His love is.

Today you can find support groups for almost anything. There are support groups for widows and widowers, alcoholics and families of alcoholics, or those that struggle with other addictions or personal issues. Why are these support groups so important or effective? Because the only person who is really able to reach an alcoholic is another alcoholic. They know the struggles first hand, they empathize and can offer that support that no one else can.

So it is with Jesus, God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Full of divine power and wisdom. Yet, out of love, He chose to be one of us, a real live human, to experience everything that we do, walking in our shoes. This is the message of Christmas, that God so loved the world that He became one of us, to make us part of His family, to claim us as His people, and to show us how to live in love for the whole world. Jesus is the Eternal Word made flesh so that we may experience His love now and forever.


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