Friday, October 28, 2016

Climb that tree and find Jesus

                                                                Luke 19:1-10

     Does it seem sometimes that there are people who have everything this world deems valuable or important? That maybe they have achieved total peace and happiness? They are looked at as successful, they are looked up to, some even call them idols. Maybe you even have felt a tinge of jealousy about what somebody else has had. Zacchaeus was one of those people. He had power, he had control, and he had money. I would bet that there were people in Jericho and surrounding area who would trade places with him in a split second. But, you don't judge a book by it's cover, because there was more to Zaccaeus than meets the eye. Sure, according to the world's standard, he was a very successful man, but it is what he lacked that was making a difference in his life. So he went and climbed a tree, and when Jesus came across this little man, all of his needs were met.

     Maybe there is someone right now reading this blog, who seems to the outside world to have it all together. You seem happy and successful, but you feel something missing in your life. I am writing this to let you know that Jesus Christ has exactly what you need. If you climb that tree as He passes by, He will give you what you are missing.

     Zaccaeus was a tax collector for Rome, which meant he was aloud to take taxes from the people in any amount he wanted. Which meant if Rome wanted 10%, he could take 15% or even 20%. I think it is safe to assume that this made him a very wealthy man, and because of his contract and position with Rome, Zaccaeus was a man of power in Jericho. People probably were very afraid of this man.

     Even though Zaccaeus was wealthy and successful by the world's standards, even he knew something was missing. A lot of people do. They try to drown it in alcohol, or forget about it with drugs. Maybe they try to hide it behind tough talk, intimidating people, but when no one is around and everything is quiet. and it's just you and God, the truth sounds out from your soul as loud as a thousand trumpets and you know you need something that you don't have. You  try to keep it buried deep within, but there is something you can do about it. Climb that tree and find Jesus.

     The Bible tells us that Zaccaeus was seeking to see Jesus, he had a desire to see if what everyone was saying about this Savior was true. You may wonder through life looking for something, you probably don't even know what that something is. But when you feel the Love of Jesus, it will fill you with hope and belonging. He will make a difference in your life.

     So how do we know Zaccaeus was saved that day? Notice what happened to him, his salvation is shown to us in 3 ways. First, he obeyed the Lord's call. He came down out of that tree and opened his home to Jesus. Second, not only did Zaccaeus open his home, he also opened his heart. Zaccaeus freely gave himself to Jesus by opening his heart to Him. Jesus stands and knocks on the door of our hearts, but you must open that door and let Him in. The third way is that Zaccaeus was overjoyed at this opportunity to be with Jesus. Joy comes from the gift of salvation, He will give you a joy that can't be described or duplicated by anything that comes from this world. The joy you get from the Lord is an everlasting joy. When you place your joy in worldly things, they along with your joy will pass away. But, when Jesus is the source of your joy, it will abide forever, Because Jesus' Love and Grace will too.

     In this verse, Jesus reminds us that He was there then to save sinners, and that is still His mission today. Jesus took this wicked man and in an instant saved him forever. That is what Jesus does for all of those who come to Him by faith, eternal salvation becomes yours and mine through Jesus Christ. I know some of you reading this might need something in your life, if you climb that tree to seek Him out, He will save you regardless of who you are or who you have been. Don't let anything stand between you and Jesus. Whatever you are missing Jesus has it, just climb that tree and seek Him out...... Amen





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