Monday, May 2, 2016

What if I fail?

Here we go again, another year another play. This time we are doing Narnia the Musical, and every role has to sing, and some even have to dance. Anyway, for those of you who know me, This would be an obvious play for me NOT to try out for, so I didn't. But, I guess they didn't have enough people try out, so they asked me and to make a long story short, I am in this play and my character has to sing and dance. (Perfect !!)

As the rehearsals went on, and I am watching and listening to everyone dance and sing, I sit and wonder why I am in this play. The talent level between me and everybody else is huge. I am almost totally deaf in one ear, which also causes me to be somewhat tone deaf. I can't hear the music to start my song, I have to have Mr. Beaver tap me on the shoulder to tell me when to start, and I don't sing, I kind of speak to the music.

So, this friday is opening night, and most of the cast sang a couple songs before each service this last Sunday to let everyone know about the play. As they sang, I sat there and wondered again, why am I in this play? Is it because there was no one else? Or, maybe it's because I am loud so when they run short on mic's I really don't need one. I really can't seem to figure out why I am in this play.

All I know is that God calls us to step out of our comfort zones. I think this is the farthest out I have ever been and it scares me a lot. I'm afraid I am going to embarrass myself, or worse yet, everybody else in the play. What if I trip, or forget the words, or start my song on the wrong beat, what if I fail?
There is only one thing to do, and no it's not quit, although I thought about that. I am going to put it into God's hands. When you turn it over to God, you don't carry those worries any longer, He has them. Even when the cares are still there from a natural standpoint, He has the load, not you. You can do it, you can cast all of your cares on to God, He tells us to do so. Put your trust in God, He won't let you down.....

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