Monday, October 12, 2015


      I was playing around on the internet and I came across this story. for some reason I read it and when I was finished I said to myself,"There is a lesson here." So here it is, I am not sure who wrote it, but the lesson in it is very cool. I will maybe even use it in Sunday School class. 

      Clarence was very particular, it started as a fledgling right out of the nest. You see, he was born with this very radiant white bib, which he probably wouldn't have noticed if the large snowy owl, who kept her eyes on the young birds, hadn't said to his mother, "Oh My !! What a beautiful Bib !!. You will have some trouble keeping that clean with a young chick like that. He will soon get into mischief and it won't be white for long." From that day clarence vowed to never get into mischief so he could keep his bib beautiful and white. He wanted to be the only Tree Creeper to stay as white as the Snowy Owl. 

      Clarence became an exceptionally good bird and was often taunted by his brothers and sisters for being so self-righteous. It was quite difficult for Clarence, since unlike owls, Tree Creepers instinctively creep around trees, whether they want to or not. Owls simply perch on convenient branches, turning their necks at extremely odd angles in order to survey the world around them. Making it much easier to keep their snowy white feathers clean. But, the creepers are much closer to the bark of the trees, hanging on with their tiny claws and pecking madly with their tiny beaks, which means their white bib is closer to the ruff and dirty tree bark. 

      Clarence was so determined to keep is bib white and beautiful, that he decided to never creep around the trunks of the trees. Instead, he would flutter gently up to the branches and perch on them like the snowy owl. But, try as he would, again and again Clarence would catch himself clinging to the tree trunks doing what creepers do. He didn't know why he acted in this way, and he didn't want to act in such a way, but he couldn't help himself. 

      Clarence became a very unhappy tree creeper. He wanted so much to do what he thought was right, but he couldn't. He became very dejected and sad, and after awhile, he hardly went out at all. When the snowy owl next came to visit, poor little Clarence tried to hide. He was so ashamed of himself. But the owl spotted him and hooted. Clarence cringed, knowing what the owl would say. But to his surprise he heard the owl admiring his radiant white breast. 

      "It can't be," Clarence said to his mother. "I must be filthy after all that creeping around trees. My white bib is surely dirty and grimy by now." But his mother just laughed, "You're a tree creeper silly! No one can change that. And you can't go against your own nature. The trees don't make you dirty, they protect you and enable you to feed and keep strong. And the healthier you are, the whiter your bib will remain. That's the way God made you, He made you into a beautiful tree creeper. So it is now time to put those silly ideas behind you, and thank God for the way you are. So Clarence did just that. He gave up trying to change himself and instead, put himself into God's hands. And soon he discovered that not only did he always have a beautiful white bib, but he was also a very happy creeper......

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