Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What are your Giants

      I was listening to the radio the other day, and Casting Crowns "voice of Truth" came on. It got me thinking about who or what are the giants in my life. What or who are the giants in your life? Giants like stress, pains, persecutions, problems or pressures. We all have to face these in our daily lives, anything that distracts us from God is a giant. You see, these things in our lives can distract us from God, and those Giants must be defeated and removed as distractions. 1 Samuel gives us a story of David and Goliath, and I want you to see that there is more to this story than a boy defeating a giant. This is an example of great struggle taking place in the lives of God's people today, right now. And God's people need to defeat and remove those giants in our lives.

      I believe when David saw Goliath and heard him shout his taunts, that David said to himself that this giant must be slain. I also believe that David knew that this would not be easy. Goliath was defiant and arrogant against God and His people, his voice echoed off the walls as he shouted down in the valley. Satan was making more noise than perhaps he ever had, and people who claimed to be God's children were cowering and running away. But, David knew that Goliath had to be confronted. David knew that this would be a major task, but he also knew that Goliath would not go away. He knew that someway, somehow Goliath had to be defeated.

      So let me give you this to think about. What are the "Giants" in your life? Is it something that happened in the past? Are you having marital or financial problems? How about resentment towards someone you feel wronged you, and these things are making it difficult to lead a Christian life, or maybe keeping you from becoming a Christian and giving your life to God. Guess what you have to do? Put your trust in God, and with His help face your giants. David's faith was not in his ability, or his armor. He understood that it was all from the power of God. David's faith and confidence rested with the God that brought him through the past. This is where the victory was won, because David knew his God was bigger and stronger than Goliath. When you are facing giants in your life, put your trust and faith in the God who can do all things. Don't look at it from an earthly view, look at it from a Heavenly view. God is bigger than any giant you will face in your life.

      It makes no difference what giants you are facing, you can defeat any of them that come your way. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. When David defeated Goliath, others were blessed. Other people are watching how you face your giants, and when you allow God to give you the power to defeat your giants, they will be encouraged and blessed.

      God is greater than your giants. Amen.............

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