Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just trying to make you think

       When I first started my blog it was to tell my story, or my journey. After a while it turned into a place where I would write down my thoughts, a place to get other Christians to think about their faith or about Jesus. To think about the examples that He gives us on how we should live. Never have I claimed to be an expert, and never have I ever called anyone out or pointed a finger at anyone, and I have always tried to never judge anyone. But, lately it seems that my thoughts or words, and even my last sermon have angered people. They are so angry with me, or my wife that they have unfreinded me on facebook, or even given us the cold shoulder at church, and some have chosen to call me names. It has me bothered so much that this is probably my last post on this blog, but also had me strongly considering finding another church, but we are so deeply involved and in love with our church that that changed my mind. My wife and I believe strongly in our faith and what Jesus teaches us and we just try to share that. When you post something on Facebook, you leave that post open for comments and just because some people don't agree with your comment and post doesn't mean they are making a personal attack on you. People have different views on things and that's OK, but to turn your back on someone and walk away without even aknowledging them because of their views is not. Once again, I am not pointing a finger at any one person I am just trying to get you to think, maybe think about what Jesus would do......

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