Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why do you worship

     Why do you worship?  You could be a lot of other places, doing a lot of other things, so why do we go to worship? There is one thing we know that is consistent about Sunday, it comes every 7 days. I even checked the almanac, and we have not missed a Sunday yet. It is a continually occurring presence in our week. Not only can we not prevent it, we rely on it's consistency by marking it with worship. Laurence Stookey says in his book "Calendar" that Sunday worship is not simply an old habit  that the institutional church has not yet managed to shake. Rather, it is an affirmation of the continuing and dependable presence and activity of God in creation. Sunday worship and God's presence with us are all continuing and dependable. And in turn, we are all called to be dependable in our worship.
     There are many different reasons why we come to worship. In my discussions with fellow Christians we came up with many different reasons why people worship. Some of those reasons were: to renew ourselves, to take time to be with God, because we are free to do so, for the fellowship, or even because it is seen as an obligation. While all of these answers have some merit, if I truly understand worship, then these are not the reasons we are to be in worship.  There is only one reason why we worship, to praise God. We shouldn't go to church to see our friends, or to hear songs. We don't go to listen to a sermon or to take communion. We come to praise God, and all those other things help us to accomplish this goal. When we listen to a sermon, sing songs, have fellowship with others, and take communion, we are engaging in acts of praise, we praise God through our words and actions, through our relationships, and through our presence. Faithfully going to worship every Sunday is in itself an act of praise.

     Look at the word act, it is very important because worship is supposed to be active.
Also, the word liturgy, which is the order of the worship service, actually means the work of the people. The Psalms tell us to dance, sing, and to shout our praise. When we worship we are not the audience, God is the audience and we act for Him. Worship is something we do, it should be used as a verb and not a noun. There is a difference between going to church and worshiping. Worship is not a time to rest, it is not a time to kick back and put your feet up. Worship should not push us back in our seats to be comfortable, it should push us to the edge of our seats, anticipating the next great works of God in our lives. When we leave worship we should be energized, not from rest, but from being enlightened by God's word, and nourished at His table from simply being in His presence. By studying the scripture, the soul stirring singing, and the symbolism of the sacrament, we are acting out our praise to God

     Psalm 95 says, come let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the lord our maker. That my friends is an act of putting a knee on the ground, an act of humbly praying, and laying ourselves at the feet of God. It may be only one time a week, but we need to say I am not in control, my life is not my own. I don't know what's best Lord, Your will be done. The mood we bring to worship helps determine what we get out of worship. If we come because we feel it is an obligation, our entire worship will feel like an obligation. So, why do we come to worship each and every Sunday? We worship because we need to do it. We need to be constantly reminded of our dependence on God, and our call to give Him thanks and praise. God is the Lord of our lives, and we need to come and say it with passion and faithfulness. That my friends is why we are here. Amen .



  1. Hi Mike--
    I appreciated your thoughts on the subject of worship--especially those in the last paragraph, as they are so similar to ones that I expressed in my post of several months ago, "A Pause and a Cause for Worship" at
    Judy Roberts

  2. Mike my opinion is that,,,, we need to worship because we we're created to do just that. "We" worship God because he is worthy. Without God humanity can only worship everything else. We can see that this is the absolute truth. Simply created to worship. Thank God for worship!!!!