Thursday, October 17, 2013

Picture in your head, if you will. Jesus is standing on the beach lakeside, and the crowd waiting to hear Him speak is pressing Him. Down on the water He sees two boats sitting empty because the men who owned them were washing their nets. Jesus gets into Simon Peter's boat and asks him to pull away from the beach. Now that He was away from the press of the crowd He could teach them. When Jesus finishes teaching them, He decides to use an incredible sermon illustration to extend His lesson. He tells Simon Peter to put out in the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.(Luke5:4) Jesus says, Put out in the deep water, not Let's stay here where it is shallow and safe. Could He be implying the real possibilities in life are where it is deep and risky? Is He inviting us to venture out, take a chance, be adventurous and active? So, even though Simon Peter fished all night and hadn't caught a thing, he sets out to the deep water with Jesus. I am sure most of you know the rest, they catch more fish than one boat almost two boats can handle. Why? because they were willing to follow Jesus' word and set out into the deep. Like this story, Jesus calls us to step out into the deep water. But, we are called by Him to be fishers of men. If we are going to do that we need to leave the shallows and venture out into the deep and dangerous waters of this world where real people are to be found. How? By sharing with someone what it's been like for you to be a follower of Christ, of being a part of a church family. There is no pressuring needed, just share what you have experienced. If they seem interested, then invite them to come see for themselves. I am sure talking about your faith makes you uncomfortable, you might get a little embarrassed, or like Simon Peter you think I tried that once and it didn't work. But all you have to do is do what Simon did that day and trust Jesus. In other words just be yourself, the honest, loving, accepting, non judgmental Christians we are supposed to be. Jesus calls us to step out of our comfort zones, to be adventurous, to simply trust in Him. We are called to witness and to service. Jesus still asks, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?