Friday, May 10, 2013

     I have made it through my first weekend of the play, we did 3 shows this last weekend. I have to tell you I was scared to death on the first Friday. All day long the tension built up as the day dragged on, and I got more and more nervous. I know God calls us to step out of our comfort zones, but wow am I really stepping out. As I was meditating the other day something came to me, God is preparing me for my calling. I know God didn't make me grow up the way that I did, but He is now taking what happened and making good out of it. If you go all the way back to my original post of this blog you can see my journey through life and see what I had experienced.
     I am being called to teach in some way, maybe to share what I went through growing up with kids, teenagers, or maybe even parents to let them know that they need to be very involved with their Kid's lives.
The problem is that I am very afraid to get up and talk in front of people, I get very nervous and I get very sweaty, or I guess I should say I did get sweaty. After all the rehearsals and the 3 shows I still get a little nervous, but I am not afraid anymore.

     God has a plan for me, and sometimes I don't always see where He is leading me. He is calling me to do something that is way out of my comfort zone because I believe I am supposed to help those that are headed down the same path I was. Even though I delay or try to put off these things because of fear or doubt. God put me in this play to ease my fears and show me that I can get up and talk in front of people,  He gives us these trials to make us stronger and give us confidence through Him that we may succeed. God has my back, and he also has your back. If you trust in God then all things are possible.
Remember, you may not know where life's road will lead you, but keep on walking, because God is walking with you.