Thursday, April 11, 2013

Every year my church does a rendition of the last supper as the service for our Maundy Thursday worship. This year I was asked to play Phillip.  Since I was in the play I accepted, thinking it would be good practice for the play. After it was over I realized it was something way more than that.

I got my lines and worked on them for a week. I said them over and over again until I had them memorized. I kept saying them for my wife to make sure I had my lines right. I said them for her 5 times in a row before I left for the service, I had these lines nailed. Then, I got to the church and we went over the fine details, what was going to happen on stage, where we were supposed to be, that kind of stuff.  Then we started to go over our lines and after all that practice and going over them with my wife, I forgot my lines.  I couldn't even remember 2 sentences. We went up on the stage and I was freaking out, what was I going to do? I was the 7th person to speak, but the 1st to start after one of our worship songs. As the song was winding down and I was just seconds from speaking I said, "God please help me" and He did. As I started to say my lines they just flowed out of me, like they were actually my words, I felt what it was like to be Phillip, to be shocked and saddened that one of us would betray Jesus to die on a cross.

     I think this is showing a good example between letting God be in control verses you trying to be in control. When we try and take control of things we are pretty limited at what we can accomplish. If you don't trust that God's power is there for you, than it won't be released. But, if you ask God to help you and pray for his strength, then you and He can handle anything. We can do all things through Christ. ( Philippians 4:13) So as I go on through this play I ask God to be with me and help me and I don't feel so nervous anymore. I still feel a little butterfly in my stomach, but with God's help I will get through it and I can't wait for opening night.......