Wednesday, January 23, 2013

     I must tell you that this is just my opinion, I have no special training. This is my truth and I hope it will lead you to find your truth, and help you learn how to listen when God is speaking.
     The main reason I started this blog was to tell my story, my faith journey. When I finished my story I felt an overwhelming pull towards needing to teach, or being called to teach. I thought maybe I was being called to be a pastor. I have prayed and tried to follow where God has led me, but no doors have opened up for me that have led me towards becoming a pastor. After many nights of praying and asking God where I was meant to be I realized that maybe I wasn't listening, that maybe I am already where I am supposed to be, and that I am teaching in way I never even thought of. Maybe I am teaching by example, showing what it takes to be a good husband, father, and hopefully a good Christian. Preach the word of the Gospel, and use words when necessary.
    Since I have started this blog I have gone on to become a Stephen Minister, quit, and then back again, because I wasn't really listening to God when I thought I was. You see, I am thinking God has already put me where he wants me. I moved to the town that I live in, became a member of the church where I found God, joined a men's group, and became a Stephen minister because this is where God wants me to be, to do His work. I just had to figure out how to listen. 
    We must listen to God in our lives, the benefits of hearing God's will for us can never be measured. But, in order for us to hear God we must make ourselves available to Him with the right attitude and  the ability to know if we have truly heard God talking to us. There are many things that can distract us from God. Even when we think we are spending time with God, our minds will wander to other thoughts. That is why making quiet time, free from as many distractions as possible is very important, difficult but important. We must also have the proper attitude to be able to listen. Attitudes like courage and humility are great attitudes to have when listening to God. We must humble ourselves to realize we don't have all the answers, and we must have the courage in our hearts to do what is right no matter how much our fears and selfish ambitions try to get in our way. Also, we must get to know God, so we know when we hear his voice. To get to know God, we must improve our knowledge and relationship with Him.  We do this through study of scripture, quiet prayer or meditation, and fellowship with other Christians.
     This is how I believe we can listen to God. As I said earlier, this is my truth, my connection to God. I hope in some way it helps you to find your connection with Him, or maybe even help make it stronger if you already have a connection to Him. I write these words down because it is much easier for me to say it this way, even if I write than read it, it still doesn't come out right. That's OK with me though, because I think I am right where I am supposed to be................. AMEN    

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