Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    I am going to start by telling you a story. I am not going to say whether it is true or not, I will leave that up to you to decide.  
    There once was this Christian man who was getting ready to go home to God. He sent messages to his children that they needed to come home so he could see them one last time. Even though all 7 of his children had families of their own, they all came home to see their father. When all of them had arrived he called them into his room where he had been bed ridden for weeks. When they arrived and surrounded his bed so he could see them all, he told them to go out and find a good sized stick and bring it back to him. Now this kind of seemed strange to them, but because he was on his death bed they did what they were told. After everyone had gotten a stick and returned to the room he told them all to break their sticks one by one. After all of them had broken their sticks he told them to go back out and get another stick. The children thought this was getting a little weird, but they went back out and got another stick. After they got back he told them to put all the sticks into one bundle and give them to him. He pulled out some string he had and tied all the sticks together, he then handed the sticks back to his children and told each of them to try and break the sticks again. One by one they tried to break the sticks, but none of them could do it. The father responded by saying " I just want you to know that if you all stick together, it will be harder to break you."
      Family needs to stick together, it is important that we teach our children to value family and demonstrate by example, the family responsibility to take care of each other.  All families have up and down times, but at the end of the day you should always be able to count on your family, and your family should be able to count on you. Most families have quarrels with one another at some point in time, but make it known that no matter how rough things have been when the chips are down, they can count on you and vice versa.  Express this love from time to time and your parents and siblings will be glad that you did.  Sometimes during our darkest moments, family is all we have around us in addition to our heavenly Creator who is always there.
      Recently, I was driving on my way home from work and I started thinking about my family, I began thinking about how important my family is to me. I thought about how in life we can get distracted by the things of the world and how it can so easily take up our time and lure us away from God and our family. I thought about how at the end of the day when I look back over my entire life the one thing that I’m going to value is the quality time that I spent with a gift God has given me, and that is my family.
I believe that family is the most valuable gift God has given us besides the gift of salvation........AMEN

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