Friday, March 3, 2017

Spending time with God

 We can relate to God just like we can a close friend. While this thought may be a hard one to grasp at first, in time you will experience what it means to have God as your friend. Jesus made his time with God a priority, (Mark 1:25, Luke 22:39, and Luke 5:16) and set the example for how we are to relate to Him.

 When we spend time with God many things happen when we are close to him, It makes it easier to find out what God wants in our lives, It helps us to refocus and take our minds off the worries and troubles of this world, we naturally become more like him, and the most important in my view is the more time I spend with God the more I love Him.

 Some of the ways I spend time with God is through reading the bible, prayer, worship, or even through my favorite Christian songs. But, my favorite way to spend time with God is through meditation. I find the quietest place I can find at the time and close my eyes and open my heart. I ask God to fill me with his love and to lead me in the way he wants me to go.

 It is not easy sometimes with all the noise and everything going on around us, but if you truly listen you will hear Him, but you must listen with your heart. If you are struggling to find time for God start with just a couple of minutes, something easy to maintain at first. Pretty soon without even realizing it the time will get longer and it will be easier to find the time as you grow in your faith.

 God loves you and he wants this time with you, and soon you will find that your daily time with God is something you wouldn't even dream about missing.

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