Thursday, July 26, 2012

Something Different

While living in the apartment my daughter had met a little boy and girl who were about the same age. When we met the parents we found out they were Christians and they were very strong in their faith. It seemed like all they talked about was God, praise God for this, praise God for that. I couldn't understand how they could think everything that they had or happened in their lives, God was a part of. It started to become very annoying to me and I actually started to avoid them. How could people be that joyful and happy?

 One day my wife comes home and tells me that the Christians were moving away. The husband had gotten the job they had been praying about for a long time. I was glad to see them go, I thought sure God could make it so you could have a baby, but having a hand in getting you a job? Really? No way, why would  God take time to help you get a job?

Anyway, right after they moved away our lease came up and we decided to move again. We found another apartment in Kenmore set back kind of in the woods a little bit, and it happened to be right up the hill from a co-op preschool. My wife had been talking about finding a co-op preschool, another coincidence?

My wife started working at the preschool and then working part time as a server or bar tending at night, and then somehow it became a full time job. During this time I had applied for a job as a maintenance guy for a local credit union. I would be driving around taking care of their branches. My current maintenance position was in one 36 story building in the city and I had gotten bored and my new boss was an asshole. I ended up getting the job, which was for more money and better benefits and it seemed like things were going well.

 We made a bunch of new friends from the preschool that we still know today. everything was going fine until my sister called and told me that her and husband were buying a house. I immediately got jealous and upset, how could she buy a house? Then I thought if she could buy a house I could buy a house, and even used the same agent.

After 3 or 4 months of searching we finally settled on a house in Auburn that was 98 yrs old at the time. We got in on a shady loan that we probably never should have got. We were living there for a few months and it was right around Christmas time when my wife comes home and tells me she had seen a Lutheran church while she was driving around town and wanted to go to the Christmas Eve service.

We go to the service and when we walk in there is someone waiting to welcome us and wishing us a merry Christmas. Both pastors walked over and shook our hands to welcome us to service. We felt so welcomed and the love in there was almost overwhelming, there was definitely something different about this church.

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