Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Something Missing

When my daughter was about 8 months old my wife went to work for a friend of her sisters as his property manager, he had a number of houses he rented out , but never had time to take care of them.
One of his houses we liked so much we rented ourselves and moved in. Right away it was made clear that we weren't welcome in the neighborhood, they didn't like renters.

 So even though we had our child, my wife's new job, and rented this big house, we were not happy in life. My job was making me miserable, her job started making her miserable, but that is her story so I will let her tell it if she chooses. That combined with the stress of the neighborhood was really hard on our marriage, we weren't going to church, we were stuck in dead end jobs, we were just being.

 I am not sure if I had lost what little faith I had or if I just stopped thinking about it, which is most likely the same thing, but God was not a part of our life. The funny part is we had a pastor living right next door to us and not only did he never once try to talk to us about God, he was one of the neighbors that never talked to us period.

Anyway, my wife's problems with her job came to a head one day and they had a mutual parting of the ways, so we moved into a small 2 bed room apartment and lived on my salary for awhile. My wife had started taking these free parenting classes at one of the community colleges and we started making some friends with other couples that had children our daughter's age. I even scraped up enough money once a week to start bowling in a league again for the first time in 10 years at least. Things were going OK, and we thought we were happy, but it still seemed like something was missing in our lives.

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