Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Holy Crap !!! I'm A Dad !!!

On August 14th, 2001 I received a call at work that my wife was going shopping with a friend of hers. My wife at this point was very impatient (As she said) "to get this thing out of me", so she thought she could walk it out. They were shopping at Ikea when she started having pains. They were 20 mins to a half hour apart and not very consistent so she kept shopping.

The next stop they had to make was at the Home Depot for a screen door, because my daughter could not be born with out a screen door to keep the dog in (LOL). When they found the screen door and tried to find someone to help them carry it there was no one to be found. My wife's friend when up to the customer service and told them that a lady was about to have a baby and if they didn't help carry the screen door for them she was going to have her baby right there in the store. Needless to say every male employee at the store was there to help her with in seconds.

I got home that night and immediately had to install the screen door, my wife's contractions were consistent now at 30 minutes timed right to the second. I had called everyone to let them know this could be the night and went to bed, at this time contractions were down to 15 minutes apart and my wife kept saying it was just gas, I told her you couldn't time gas.

At about 2 AM my wife woke me up and told me I had to wash the cat because she wasn't bringing her baby home to a dirty cat. At this time her contractions were 10 minutes apart, but she wouldn't let me call the doctor. She had an appointment set for 8:00 AM that day so she would just go then.

So at 3:00Am I called her best friend and told her to be here before 8 because today was the day. We got to her doctors appointment and were sent straight to the hospital to check in. After 13 hours of labor and the baby being stuck in the birth canal for 3 hours they finally decided to do a emergency C-section. I had to change into this paper gown and wash my hands for 15minutes before they let me in to the operating room.

 I sat down right by my wife's head and laid my head next to hers so I wouldn't see anything (LOL). When my daughter was born and started crying I couldn't move, I was scared to death. I just sat there for a few minutes, until my wife told me to go get our daughter. She was still screaming and crying when I got to her, I said it's OK baby daddy is here and immediately she stopped crying and looked for me, she recognized my voice. I thought to myself holy crap I am a dad, I don't know how to be a dad, nobody told me how to be a dad..........God, please help!!!!! 

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