Sunday, June 3, 2012

Maybe there is something to this God thing

My wife had tried for years to get me to pray for God to give us a child. I had always told her to pray for the both of us because I wasn't going to waste my time, so my wife continued to pray and I just kept going. I had finally quit smoking pot and had a decent job, but I was still addicted to pain killers and had a doctor that kept writing the prescriptions. So while my wife was praying, my employer changed insurance coverage that raised my premiums by a hundred dollars, but supposedly we had better coverage.

Since we had better insurance my wife tried it out and scheduled a doctor appointment for her check up. While she was at her appointment the doctor had told her that at 35 if she wanted to have children she better do it pretty quick. She had mentioned to the doctor that I couldn't have children, he left the room and came back with some pamphlets about how my new insurance would pay for 6 cycles of insemination, but only 6 for a lifetime. My wife came home so excited and told me the news and that God had answered her prayers, but I still didn't believe that a supposed God so big would care about the life of one unimportant couple to make things happen in their life. It was all just luck or coincidence.

 So we started doing the insemination once a month, and every time we would get our hopes up and every time we would be let down. On the 6th month we went into the doctor's office and did all the same things as before knowing the whole time that this was probably our last shot. My wife kept saying God wouldn't give us this opportunity and then take it away like that, and I kept saying maybe if there was a God he wouldn't.

So the night before we were supposed to do the pregnancy test I am sitting up alone in the dark, my wife had long gone to bed, and I was thinking about the fact that if she didn't get pregnant we would never be able to afford anything like this on our own. So I am sitting there and all of the sudden I started talking to God, not even knowing if there was anyone listening. I said God if you are up there I am asking you for a child to call our own. I said that if you give me this child I will raise it in your house, just please give me a child.

 I had fallen a sleep on the couch and my wife came screaming out of the back of the apartment and I thought the house was on fire. I can still here her screaming IT'S POSITIVE, IT'S POSITIVE, I don't think I had ever seen her so happy but it still wasn't 100% for sure. I went to work and she made a doctor appointment to find out for sure. I was so nervous for the first half of the day and then she called me right after my lunch break and told me the news. We were having a baby, I was going to be a daddy. Maybe there was something to this God thing.

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