Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back Surgery

A couple of days after the ER visit I could barely move, my wife had to help me stand and walk so I could go see my own doctor. After examining me he referred me to a back specialist and after he looked at My X-rays and CT scans he decided I needed a 3 level spinal fusion, and after a 2nd opinion I said OK.

The only problem was that it was an on the job injury paid for by the state, which means they wanted to do all other kinds o treatment before surgery. All these other things took a year to complete and the whole time I had an unending supply of Oxycoton. During this time my marriage was falling apart. I treated my wife like garbage and didn't care about anyone but me and just before my back surgery was Ok'd my wife kicked me out.

 This time I got my own apartment so I didn't have to stay with my sister and it was the only time I had ever lived alone and could do what I pleased. My wife had suggested once that I should go back to school and at least get my GED, but I blew it off. So now I figured it was time to do that, I went to the community college and found an adult continuation program where I could get my actual High school diploma, and my credits would also count for my degree as well, So I became a high school graduate.

 Right after that I had my back surgery and my wife had come to be with me. Coming out of the surgery there were some complications which caused severe pain, so that led to more pain medication. The one good thing about the pain medication was that I didn't have to smoke pot to get high and I ending up quitting.

During my recovery my wife and I talked and made some agreements on some things like quitting pot for good and treating her better and she let me come home. After six months of recovery and physical therapy I received a settlement check and was no longer taken care of by the state. My wife prayed that I would find a good job and it only took 2 weeks to get one. It was a building maintenance job working for the company that owned most of the buildings in the downtown area making pretty decent money. My wife believed it was prayer that got me that job and I laughed and said it was because of my hard work, that some God had nothing to do with (Wow was I wrong, but that comes later).

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